Sunday, May 27, 2018

new on the waterfront, clean, summer sailing

The waterfront changed while I was gone.  Painted bollards and two King Neptunes appeared on the Nauticus Pier.  And also a giant Ferris wheel at Waterside.  The Ferris wheel is temporary, I'm not sure out the Mermen.  

I've had a busy six day work week with a lot of time on the road from Hatteras Village to the south and the town of Oyster (below) on the Eastern Shore to the north.  It was fun and good work, but still a lot of time at the wheel.  

Got out for my first summer sail today with gusty hot wind out of the south.  I was hoping for a relaxing lean-back-against-the-coaming, feet-up-on-the-opposite-thwart, knee-just-nudging-the-tiller kind of sail, but it was not meant to be.  With a single reef tucked in, it was a lively sail.  I did anchor in Craford Bay to organize SPARTINA.  She was a bit dirty from the drive home from Crisfield in the rain and still had gear tucked away in cruising mode.  Now the boat is back in day sail mode, and very clean.  I look forward to a breezy summer on the water.

I hope to get back to the daily logs tomorrow.

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