Tuesday, December 7, 2021

day seventeen - drizzle, fog and a favorite place

Wake to a windless, grey morning.  The days are getting shorter, lights glow in the houses across the creek.  Under power at 6:50.  Ragged Point at 7:10, light fog on the Bay.

Making 4.3 across the calm water with the outboard as fog surrounds us.  Using gps to find my way around the shallows at Hills Point and even with the gps I struggle to keep on course.

Stop to refuel at 8:15, fog starting to lift and I can see Black Walnut Point to the north.   Watermen on a deadrise work a line of pots with bright red floats.  Rain moving across the bay.

Entering the channel to Knapps Narrows at 9:55, and of course some more rain.

Docked 10:10 at Knapps Narrows Marina and Inn.  I check in at the Inn for two nights.  Move SPARTINA to a slips inside the marina.

It's a morning of chores as the weather clears.  Laundry, refill water bottles, top of the fuel can.

Off to Tilghman Island Country store for BLT and chips.  Back to the marina to clean up SPARTINA.

In the evening over the Knapps Narrows bridge for a light dinner on the patio at Characters Bridge Restaurant.  A beautiful evening.

14.4 NM

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