Tuesday, October 22, 2019

day two - into the wind, waves and tide

Deceptively calm and quiet in the marina.  Cast off just after 7:00, 15 minutes later out the channel and all sails up with a very solid north wind.  Tack to the south end of Poplar Island , 7:45, steak (buffalo bar), eggs (blueberry Rx bar) and a cup of mango for breakfast on the way.  Tack back towards Bay Hundred, the bit of the mainland that leads to Tilghman Island.  Tack back to Poplar Island at 8:30, back to Bay Hundred 8:45, 3.4 kts into the wind and tide.  

Wind swinging to the northeast, a series of tacks up the narrows, making 4.4 in steep chop.  The morning light is crisp on the water.  

Crossing the mouth of Eastern Bay to the south end of Kent Island, the Bloody Point Bar Light in sight 10:30, 4.2.  South of Kent Island I feel there is less tide running and I point up higher than I would expect.  We tack across the Chesapeake Bay in steep chop taking lots of spray, off West River on the western shore by 11:00.  Can of tuna and mixed fruit for lunch.  Lots of sailboats out in the breeze.  Beautiful blue skies, the wind steady and strong.  A football game on the radio.  It is a great day on the water.

Just after noon tacking way from Kent Island, 4.5, towards the light at Thomas Point Shoal, then back towards Kent Island.  A fleet of one-design boats is having a regatta and the course seems to circle around SPARTINA.  After fighting the tide much of the day I can feel the current beginning to fall off.  But as the running tide drops off, so does the wind.  

Sailing towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at 3:00, three freighters anchored south of the bridge, two more in the channel and a couple of navy boats too, making 3.2.  

Wait out the freighters and then motor sail under the bridge and across the channel.

With a little more wind we sail past Sandy Point Light and keep heading northwest into the Magothy River.  The sun starting to drop behind the clouds on the we approach Dobbins Island.

Anchor down 6:15, a power boat and a large sailboat anchored nearby.  A small sailboat comes into the anchorage at dusk.  

Omeals self-heating Lentils with beef for dinner, too tired to cook.  Mandarin oranges for dessert.  

57.97 NM running total

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