"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Sunday, June 20, 2021

day sixteen - and back again

A bumpy night as the chopped rolled around the corner.  Took a while to get to sleep but once I fell asleep it was a good night's rest.  Sail off anchor at 6:00, mizzen and jib with a strong NNE breeze.

First point of business is to round the shoals that reach down south in the bight.  Before I can spot the markers in the early morning light I see the water breaking over the shallows.  Easy sailing with wind just aft of beam.  Past the shoals round up to raise the double reefed main.

Perfect wind for a few of long tacks, then slide out of the bight at 6:35 making 4.3.

On Onslow Bay the water seems calmer than in the bight, excellent wind and gps shows 5.3 as we parallel Shackleford Banks.  By 7:30 can see the Beaufort channel markers.  Making 4.3 and round up to shake out the second reef.  Close enough to the banks that I can hear the surf breaking on the beach.  

Just after 8:00 sailing through the inlet, water calm except for a small patch of water around red buoy 14.  It is the early part of the flood tide and the current carries us along on our way.

Docked 9 a.m.  Pay for the slip and get my two wooden nickels.  They tell me the marina will be full tonight.  

North wind blows all day.  It would have been a long haul into the wind up the canal, glad I stayed in Beaufort.  A burger for lunch at the Dock House.  An afternoon of exploring the town.  A cold beer while I fill out the log book.  And back to the Dock House for dinner, on a Monday evening in Beaufort it is the only game in town.

11.68 NM for the day

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