Sunday, December 10, 2023

day twenty-four - Q'town Creek

Cast off Rock Hall at 8:00, clear and calm.  Motor past stacks of crab pots on boats and along shore as crabbers bring in their gear for the season.

Out of the harbor 8:05, raise full sail.  More wind than forecast coming out of the northwest.  Making 3.4 and rolling in swells on the starboard beam.  

9:25 jibe to the southeast towards Eastern Neck.  9:50 jibe to Southeast towards Kent Island.  10:30 Jibe, 10:45 jibe.  

12:00 slip past Hail Point, lighter wind and on the stern.  Making 2.0 wing and wing.

Pleasant sail with Queenstown Creek dead ahead.  Warm and sunny.

1:10 a final jib just inside Queenstown Creek entrance.  Sail until the creek narrows, round up and bring down the sail.

Tie up at the town dock, a sign says "two hour limit" but I can't imagine there is anyone around to enforce it.  

Make the short walk up to Queenstown Pizza for a burger and fries, then stop at an ATM for some cash.  

(worth turning up the volume for the video above)

Cast off from the dock 2:50, motor back up Queenstown Creek and continue past the entrance channel, past the anchorage for larger boats and past Salthouse Cove.   Anchor down Ditchers Creek at 3:10.

16.70 NM


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