Tuesday, November 7, 2017

day fourteen - St. Michaels

Up early, courtesy of the deadrise alarm clocks.  Two or three workboats heading out of the creek before even a hint of dawn.  I'm up breaking down the boom tent when one deadrise passes by so close I can say "Good morning."  Sail off anchor before 7:00.

A south wind pushes out of the creek and past the channel markers.  We round up for the sail to St. Michaels.  Making 2.1 knots as the sun shows above the horizon and casts a warm light.  

Wind slacks, then fills in again.  Making just 1.8 sailing close to the wind.  Deepwater Point at 8:45, 2 knots.  The morning goes from cool to warm to almost hot.  More wind off St. Michaels, 3.4 tacking across the river then coming about to head into St. Michaels.  Birds dive on schools of feeding fish.  I make a pass along the waterfront, passing the old Hooper Strait lighthouse, a skipjack and a deadrise.  Docked in time for a nice lunch in town.   I see some friends and say hello.  

The journey is done, 325 miles on the gps.
Fine sailing, people, weather, food.  Escape.
I smile.


Rich D. said...

Congrats on your journey Steve! Really enjoyed following along with you! - Rich

Steve said...

Thanks, Rich, I appreciate that. A great trip, one of the best on Spartina. steve