Tuesday, June 27, 2023

day twelve - join the parade

A peaceful night and a beautiful morning.  Sail off anchor 7:20.  Light steady breeze, cool with blue skies.

Five tacks to leave Tilghman Creek, the first three in the wind shadow of the trees and then two more with good wind to slip out through the narrow channel.

St. Michaels is nearby but I not quite ready to tie up there yet.  7:45 on the Miles River, making 4.5 in the northeast wind.  8:45 Deepwater Point.  So I'm not ready to tie up in St. Michaels but how about lunch there maybe.  9:00 light wind approaching St. Mikes, sailing through the fleet anchored outside on the river.  

Sail into Fogg Cove, round up and drop the main and the jib.  Docked 10:00.  Walking towards downtown I notice a crowd and realize it is Memorial Day.  So walk a couple extra blocks to enjoy the parade.

Get to Foxy's Harborside Grill just as they are opening.  Glad I did.  Within 15 minutes the place is packed.  

A burger and fries from a waiter who keeps calling me "My Man."  The burger is good enough that I don't mind too much.

Cast off from the docks 12:20, out on the river full sails 12:35.  Think about heading to the Wye River.  Look north up the river and see it crowded with sailboats out for the holiday weekend.  Instead turn south where my only company is is the 1926 built Selina II with her 1,000 square feet of canvas.  We sail along side for awhile and exchange greetings.

I glance at my SPOT on the centerboard trunk.  All this dry cool north wind and almost no rain, the tracking device is caked in salt.

After I while I turn back north to Leeds Creek.  A handful of tacks up the creek, looking at different anchorages.  Anchor down in a little cove 3:00.



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