Tuesday, March 14, 2023

day two - against the tide

Sunrise comes clear, calm and crisp on Toogoodoo Creek.  A beautiful calm night, there was a crackling noise beneath SPARTINA's hull late evening that I took to be shrimp.  Early morning hours I could hear dolphin surface to breathe just off our stern.  A crescent moon hangs above us at dawn.

Under power at 7:00 with a helping ebb tide to carry us out of the marsh.  Foul weather gear against the chilly morning.  7:15 dolphins roll in the water at the mouth of the creek.  Sun over the horizon at 7:20 and I enjoy the hint of warmth.  We cross a tide line and approaching the Dawho River find the tide, still an ebb tide, is now against us.  Instead of fighting the tide we slip to the east of the channel and set the anchor at Slann Island anchorage.  I tidy up the boat while waiting out the tide.

8:55 anchor up and under power on the Dawho River against the tide.  Begin to feel hints of wind out of the south. 

 9:55 passing under the Dawho River bridge and on to North Creek with Whooping Island to the east.  10:25 turn southwest to Watts Cut.  10:45 we leave the cut and enter the South Edisto River.

Full sail at 10:55.  11:15 tack as we work against both wind and flood tide.  Easy, slow sailing.  12:20 making 2.2 to 3.3 kts, then more wind and doing 4.0.

Blue skies, white wispy clouds.  Several tacks fight the tide as the river curves to the west at Alligator Marsh.  I being with tacks across the width of the Edisto, then shorten up for quick tacks to round the point in close to the shallows at 1:10.  My app shows slack water at Fenwick Island Cut and we tack through the cut at 2:20.  Under power to pass through the Ashpoo-Coosaw Cut at 2:35m tall stands of trees blocking the wind at the cut.

Sailing on Rock Creek just after 3:00, anchor down on the creek just above the cut that leads to the Coosaw River at 3:30.

24.34 NM

Beef Stroganoff and tropical fruit for dinner

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