Monday, December 4, 2023

day eighteen - Georgetown

Morning comes cold and crisp, a wisp of fog hanging over the water.  Not a breath of wind.

Under power 7:20, the sun rising beyond point.  

Docked at Sailing Associates 7:55.  I find the family's younger generation is now running the place.  They make me feel welcome.

A time to catch up.  A shower and shave, laundry, charge the batteries.  A call home.  Get the log up to date.  Lunch at Fish Whistle.  Relax and enjoy.  Think about the time I have left, sketch out some ideas for a sailing plan.  Dinner at Fish Whistle, the only place open in the small town, and watch a Phillies game on the big screen tv.  Then back to SPARTINA for a good night's sleep.

2.03 NM


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