Tuesday, December 5, 2023

day twenty - seeking shelter

Morning comes cold and dark.  Low 50s, low overcast.  East wind.  Drysuit and thermals.  Sail off anchor 7:05, making 2.5 and then 3.0 down the Bohemia River.  Light rain at 7:25, put on waterproof gloves and rain hat.  On the Elk River 7:30.

Lighter wind and motor sailing.  Rain forecast for today, heavy rain and strong winds for tomorrow.   The goal is to reach a sheltered anchorage.  8:15 grey all around.  A barge pushed by a tug headed north on the shipping channel.  Motorsailing with a helping tide.  

9:30 Grove Point to port, more wind and sailing, making 4.1 with wind over port quarter.  9:50 another barge and tug on the shipping channel, we parallel the channel on the green side.  

10:10 off the Sassafras River, choppy and less wind.  Rain rounding Still Point Neck.  

More wind as we turn southeast towards Still Pond entrance.  Then the surrounding cliffs do their job and block the wind.  Round up near a waterman pulling crab pots, bring down the main and jib.  Under power through the narrow, jetty-lined entrance to the very appropriately named Still Pond.  More rain.  Anchor down 11:35.

Get the boom tent up.  Time for a hot lunch, blueberry peach crisp and hot chocolate.

Cliffs all around.  Warm and comfortable and glad to be on calm water.  

Forecast shows more rain coming tonight.  Wind tomorrow, maybe rain, maybe not.

 15.43 NM

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