"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Sunday, December 19, 2021

day twenty-four - reefed and double reefed

Calm, peaceful night with a very bright moon.  A nearby gaggle of geese seems to be having some sort of debate in the early morning hours.  7:00 a.m. glassy water reflecting a beautiful dawn, still 20 minutes to sunrise.  Under power.

At 7:15 raise the sails to catch a light but steady west wind.  A waterman works his trotline parallel to our course, talking loudly on his cell phone.  I can't make out any words but his voice carries across the water. Finally I hear "talk to you later, I love you" and the phone call no longer seems bothersome.

Island Point at 7:35, making 2.3 and I can look down Langford Creek right to the Chester River.  More wind at 7:45, 2.8 and headed for Hail Point.   Soon making 4.2, the warmth of the rising sun feels good.  On the Chester River 8:30, 3.5 and passing another waterman working his trotline for blue crabs.  

Piney Point to port at 9:00, wind building and doing 5.8.  After a couple of gusts tuck in a reef at 9:25.

Blue skies and a bouncy ride on the Chester River.

In the lee of Hail Point round up at 9:35 to tuck in the second reef.  We sail the width of the Chester River almost to the channel entrance markers for Kent Narrows, tack north just off the markers at 10:20.  Pounding in rough water at 4.5 then soon 5.2.  Running north along Eastern Neck we pass Cabin Cove and the waves are smaller, sailing easier, 3.8 to 4.2.  

Finish a lunch of canned tuna, crackers and fruit cup at 11:30, wind falling off and shake out both reefs, 3.3.  Sailing close hauled at 12:15 with Rock Hall off the starboard bow.  Passing Swan Point at 1:20 with light wind on the beam, 1.8.  Centerboard touches bottom at Hodges Bar 1:50, turn out to deeper water.  Off Tolchester Beach at 3:20, heading north with wind just aft of beam and rolling in a following swell.

Light wind at 3:40, motor sailing, 2.4.

Follow the narrow channel and pass through the narrowest of entrances at Fairlee Creek.  Anchor down in the shade of trees at 4:30.

Chicken and dumplings for dinner, excellent with a little hot sauce added.

30.48 NM

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