Monday, November 27, 2023

day ten - into St. Michaels

Glassy calm morning, barely a hint of a breeze.  7:30 anchor up and full sail, the slowest of drifts down the creek.

(Worth turning up the volume.)

Rounding the point out onto Tilghman Creek it is so quiet I can hear the baitfish snapping at the surface.

At 7:50 feel little more breeze that carries us out to the Miles River.  8:05 slip out of the shadow out the trees into the morning light.

Not enough wind this morning.  Motorsailing up the Miles.  Round up 9:30 and bring down the sails.

Docked St. Michaels at 10:00.  I'm a few days early for the festival, I want to enjoy the town before the crowd shows up.  I'm not the only one thinking along those lines, several small boats are already at the docks.

There is talk of some folks heading over to Leeds Creek for the evening.  I tell the guys I've been out for over a week so I'll stay right here in town.

Good, as always, to see Kevin in his Welsford Navigator SLIP JIG.

Great friend Kristen texts me and says she'll drop by the docks in the afternoon.  She comes by and we sit in the shade and talk.  Soon she suggests dinner at the yacht club.  How nice.  We order a couple of beers and salads, a nice crab cake on mine.

5.4 NM


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