Wednesday, October 31, 2018

day four - north

Cast off from the marina in Rock Hall at 7:20 as the sun peeks through the clouds.  Sails up outside the harbor at 7:35, a flock of gulls chasing baitfish as a small boat passes by running a trot line.  4.5 kts.

Swan Pt. at 8:00, 5 kts with wind over the stbd quarter.  Dark rain clouds to the NW, maybe over Baltimore.  Winds falls off and under power.  The clouds slide east and dissipate.  The Miss Caroline out of Tolchester works crab pots along the shore.  

We cross the shipping channel, which comes nearly up against the beach, at 9:00, the only boat in the channel an offshore charter boat headed south.  Steak and eggs for breakfast, a Tanka buffalo meat stick and a RXBar made with three egg whites.  Sailing again off Tolchester, 3.5 with wind on the beam.  

With no commercial traffic in the channel we cross it once again as it angles back out into the bay.  Off Fairlee Creek at 10:30, 3.5 kts and lots of debris - mostly branches and pieces of wood - in the water carried off the shore by storms and high tides.  Light overcast with a patch of blue to the ESE, sun trying to break through.  A deadrise loaded with crab pots heads south.  The sun comes out.  A Monarch buttery clings to the mizzen.

Off Worton Creek 11:25, just over 2 kts, skies grey and the sun gone.  Warm and humid.  Under power just after noon.  Two eagles fly across the bow, one with a fish clutched tight in a talon.  West wind at 12:30, under sail.  

The wind swings to SW and then back to west.  Under 2 kts then soon over 3 kts.  I can see more wind approaching from the south.  Off Still Pond at 2:00, dark skies approaching off the stern.  Wind and rain, slip into the foul weather gear.

Rounding Howell Point at the mouth of the Sassafras just after 3:00, the light breeze blocked by the bluffs along the shore.  Under power.  We follow the shoreline past Betterton, slipping into the narrow entrance of Lloyed Creek.  Peaceful and calm.  Anchor down.

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