Monday, November 9, 2020

day fifteen - resupply in Rock Hall

Sails up at 6:50 in the windless, well protected Ditchers Cove.  I can hear the high-pitched chirping of eagles in the trees.  Under power down Queenstown Creek in a light rain under a heavy overcast.  

Out of the creek's entrance channel 7:05, full sail on the Chester River as a deadrise working a trotline crosses our bow.  

Peanut butter and berry Rx bar, buffalo bar and cup of peaches for breakfast.  Round Eastern Neck Island at 7:50 with the wind on our stern.  Turn north at Wickes Beach, two eagles flying along the tree line.  

Passing Eastern Neck Narrows at 8:45, by 9:00 doing 4.8 wing and wing.  Easy sailing.  Skies begin clearing.  Soon bright sunshine and clear blue skies.  Off Huntingfield Point at 9:50, can make out the Rock Hall channel entrance markers.  

Sails down 10:05, motor into the harbor and docked 10:20 at Rock Hall Landing Marina.  The gentleman in the office, makes a call and gets a room for me across the field at the Mariner's Motel.

Rock Hall is a favorite town on the bay.  Nice marina, nice fisherman-style hotel, simple and clean.  And perfect for resupply with the Bayside Foods grocery store in easy walking distance.  But first, a crab cake for lunch on the outdoors deck at Waterman's Crab House.

A walk into town for fruit cups and raisins at the grocery store.

Back to the hotel to do a load of laundry.

Then back to Waterman's for a delightful dinner with friends Fred and Mary Lou.

 12.9 NM for the day.

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