Thursday, November 12, 2020

day eighteen - down river and fish on!

Rain, sometimes heavy rain, all night long.  I wake to church bells at 6 a.m.  Cold and drizzly.  I stow the sleeping gear but leave the boom tent and sail covers in place.  Up at Evergrain Bread Company I get an apricot ginger scone and a glass of iced tea, carrying it back to the waterfront and enjoying it on the covered patio of restaurant next to the docks.

The boom tent and sail covers stowed, push off from the dock at 8:45.   A light rain but clearing skies to the southwest.  All sails up in light winds, making 1.2 kts as I hear the 9 a.m. church bells ring.  Sunshine at 9:00, motor sailing at idle power.  9:40 wind out of the west, 3.2.  Marker 37A shows an outgoing tide is helping us on our way.  

10:00 off Rolph's Wharf.  10:20 more wind and sailing close-hauled at 3.2.  Then wind disappears and under power again.  I spread the wet sail covers out to dry.  Just after 11:00 the wind is back and sailing once again.  Tacking downriver at 12:30, 4.6 as the wind picks up.  Chilly with blue skies and white puffy clouds.  

1:30 get a hit on the trolling line of Spanish Point.  A bigger fish this time but it breaks off as I try to get it in the boat.

Lots of birds feeding between Spanish Point and Comegys Bight, a sure sign of more striper in the area.  I tack back and forth, bringing in a small fish that I throw back.  Then another hit and I bring in a 22 inch striper, good enough for dinner.

At 2:50 sailing close-hauled at 4.6 down the Chester River.  Enter Reed Creek and tuck in behind a small marsh, close enough to a waterman that I call out and make sure that I'm not anchoring over his trotline.  He tells me I'm in a good spot.  

Pan fried striper with pad Thai pasta and a cup of tropical fruit for dinner.

19.06 NM for the day.


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