Monday, May 20, 2019

a classic boat for sale

When I arrived at Potters Marine for the sail a week ago I was pleased to see my good friend Curt.  That's him at right in the photograph above.  He and his nephew Noah were just coming in from a week long sail down to Oriental, Beaufort, Cape Lookout and Core Sound.  With Curt and I as fans of wooden boats, it wasn't long before Conway, above left, was showing us the classic wooden boat DOLFIN he was trying to sell for a friend.

I don't have a lot of specifics about the boat other that it is a design from Cape Cod, with lee boards and rigged for sailing, rowing and sculling.  The workmanship is excellent down to the smallest detail.  If I was looking for a wooden boat to get out on the water I would give this boat some serious consideration.  Yes, there would be some sweat equity involved in getting her out on the water - she hasn't been used for a while.  If you are interested, talk to Conway at Potters Marine.  She's too pretty of a boat to be sitting on the shore.

and a few more

Heading off in a couple days for hiking around a volcanic island with the Pilgrim (hope I can keep up).  The daily logs will have to wait until June.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

a few photographs

the spring sail

Just shy of 200 miles, above is the track for the spring sail.  Lots of wind, most commonly coming from the direction in which I was to go - which was fine, I wanted to push myself a little bit on this trip.  Lots of fun, good sailing, found some beautiful anchorages (in creeks that I had passed by more than a few times) and met some nice folks along the way.

Friday, May 17, 2019

mizzen and jib

Down the Pamlico River today, making 4 and 5 knots under mizzen and jib.

coming in

Sailing in past the old train trestle at Little Washington. One of my favorite waterfronts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

it doesn't get much better

Because of strong winds and (more so) big waves, turned in to a creek this morning. Because of light winds, spent the afternoon exploring nearby creeks. Perfect.

drying out

brunch and a break

Beat up this morning trying to cross the Pamlico River to the Pungo River. Steep steep waves. Took water over the sides in a gust. Turned into ICW behind Goose Creek Island and tucked into a Creek for a hash brown brunch.

Monday, May 13, 2019


Storm sliding by, viewed from a cocktail hour on a nearby trawler.


Severe storms pass to the east of us.


Tied up in Oriental, a favorite NC town. Wind has been howling since about noon Saturday. Should slack off a little this evening.

Friday, May 10, 2019


Heading to Potters Marine tomorrow at dawn, can't wait.  Here is my tracking link, should go live by 10:00 or so.  SPARTINA is in good shape.  Food and gear all packed.  Curt is down on the sound right now using up most of the good weather.  I'll get a mixture of sun, a little rain and plenty of wind.

Here's the SPOT link if you want to cut and paste:

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

from Curt

A couple photos from Curt, sailing his wooden Drascombe Longboat ANNIE.  Above, making 40-some miles from Potters Marine to Oriental, below sailing out on the ocean to Cape Lookout.  He tells me the weather has been great.  Don't know how long he'll be out there but we might cross paths this weekend.

Monday, May 6, 2019

the not so Dismal Swamp Canal

Working down near the NC state line when I saw this boat headed up the vine-covered banks of the Dismal Swamp Canal.  Making the run on SPARTINA, under power as the canal is lined by trees, is high of my list.

I suppose I should check out the weather for next week's sail but will wait until tomorrow.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

packing, after

This is a little deceptive.  Some of the gear has been moved down to SPARTINA in the garage.  But a lot of sorting was done.  

I did a SPOT test, both OK message and tracking.

Purchased a short term NC saltwater fishing license.

Still charging sorting batteries for the cameras, which can be seen at the right.

My ACR personal strobe that I attached to my pfd has apparently died.  I"ll pick a new one up later this week.

packing day, before

A busy week ahead so today, forecast to the rainy, is packing day.  Need to check/charge batteries, test the SPOT, clear gps tracks, count meals and get everything tucked away.

I do have two side trips to make today.  One to visit the open house at Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop, a youth boat building program.  The other to visit my shellfish guy who has 50 Eastern Shore little neck clams stashed away for me.

Friday, May 3, 2019

tackle box

I cleaned out/simplified my small tackle box the is stored in one of the aft compartments on SPARTINA, choosing the lures that are most suitable for the sounds of North Carolina.

While Chesapeake Bay is trolling territory, sailing open water with a large diving lure behind the boat for bluefish and striper, the marshes of North Carolina are more suited to casting small lures in search of speckled trout and puppy drum along the grass line.

In the box, from left to right, there are two versions of weighted shad, gold spoons in case I do see bluefish/striper breaking the surface, glass minnow lures (which I have never used but seemed to be worth trying) and the tried and true lead-head with grub tails.  I need to pinch down the barbs on the new lures, flattened barbs make for better catch and release plus minimizing the chances of embedding a hook into my own hand (been there, done that).

It is springtime and the fish are starting to move around.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some fresh seafood on the sail?

Thursday, May 2, 2019

the spring trip

Time to get out the gear for the spring trip which begins a week from Saturday.  Going from top to bottom in the photograph above you'll see clothes (Northface Paramount pants and World Wide Sportsman angler shirts), hypothermia kit (the yellow bag), brand new alpine bivy (warranty replacement from OR, the old one was beginning to delaminate, tiny blisters in the bottom panel that were cracking and allowing moisture in), brand new full length self-inflating sleeping pad (last year's model bought on discount, I'm good at being cheap) and sleeping bag.  Off to the left are notebooks and food.

I'll put in at Potters Marine - X marks the spot - on North Creek just off the Pamlico River.  Where will I go?  Depends on which way the wind blows.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

a quiet sense of satisfaction

  from Webb's journal...    

       Not able to reach San Diego before dark, I hove to last evening at about 7 PM eight miles SSW of Point Loma which marks the entrance to San Diego Bay.
        I went to sleep early, woke at 10 PM to find we had hardly moved.  Woke at midnight to find us being blown west at two knots.
        I got up, got into my foul weather gear, and started sailing back east.
        I set an alarm for 3 AM and dozed some at Central, but woke before the alarm went off.  I trimmed and retrimmed the sails to put us just off Point Loma at first light at 4:30 and we were.
       There was a quiet sense of satisfaction as we rounded Point Loma and entered the bay.
        In smoother water I fit the Torqeedo, which started as it should, dock lines, and fenders.

        I thought it odd that several sailboats passed us heading out, motorsailing with main up, until I reached the Customs dock and found it almost full of boats returning from the Ensenada Race.
        I also found on the dock a small unexpected welcoming party of friends who had seen our Yellowbrick position.  
        It was a hard passage.  Hard without any severe weather.  Hard with windless wastes beyond my experience or imaginagtion.  Hard with the last 1500 miles hard on the wind.
        I will write more in time.
        I have numerous emails to respond to.  I thank you all now generally for your congratulations and will individually when I can.
        This is a significant day in my life:  the end of the second part and the beginning of the third.
        November 11, 1941.   November 2, 1974.  April 29, 2019.