Wednesday, June 30, 2021

day nineteen - one last canal

Sails up 6:25 with clear skies and a crisp NE wind, making 5.1.  Tuck in a reef.  Tuck in a second reef.  Round Bay point and find stiff vertical chop rolling over the shoals off the point.  

Turn back to the Bay River 7:00 and head for Goose Creek Canal.  Too much wind on the sound.  

7:40 entering Gale Creek, jib and main down, under power.  Wind on the nose in the canal.  

Too much time on the canals this trip.  I think about all the trips on Pamlico Sound this exact time of the year with steady SW wind.  What happened to cause N and NE winds??

8:45 leaving the canal.  Mizzen and jib up on Goose Creek, 4.1.  A tag with a barge comes up the canal so I slide to starboard.  Crabbers, commercial fisherman with nets and sport fishermen looking for trout work along shore.  An eagle flies overhead.  

Anchor down 9:45 Dixon Creek, tucked back in the corner where is is peaceful and calm.  Omeals oatmeal for late breakfast.  Then a good long nap.

Anchor up 11:30, mizzen and jib, following the winding channel out of the mouth of Goose Creek on to the Pamlico River.  Out of the creek and full sail just after noon on very rough water.  

Calmer water at 12:30 farther away from shore and the shallows, 4.3.  1:15 even calmer approaching the north shore of Pamlico River.  It is hot and the sun beats down, but good steady NE wind.  North Creek channel entrance markers in sight at 1:20.  Enter the creek at 1:35.  Anchor down 2:15 on the East Fork.  Boom tent up to get out of the sun.  Reading, relaxing for the afternoon, almost time to head home.  Beef stroganoff for dinner.

22.75 NM for the day

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