Saturday, March 26, 2022

day thirteen - the last few miles

Glassy calm night anchored just off Pine Bluff.  Only surprise was late evening when what I took to be a flashing strobe turned out to be a high powered light someone on shore was shining on SPARTINA.  

It feels to me like old Florida.  White hulled boats along shore, trees dripping with Spanish moss, old wooden docks with houses tucked back in the woods.

No wind and forecast says that could continue for the day.  Under power 6:55 with clouds to the NE.  7:50 I watch a fog bank sliding across the river.

8:00 heavy fog.  I hear one other boat in the fog but I'm well outside the channel, keep going.  8:15 slip out of the fog.

9:10 a nice little breeze arrives near Forrester Point.  I know I will see a bridge is just around the corner, the bridge will mark Palatka and the end of the trip.  Sails up, 2.5.

And the little breeze dies.  Becalmed 10:05.  A check of my apps tell me no wind and an opposing tide for the rest of the morning.  

Under power we motor up river, pass under the bridge.

11:20 docked Palatka, Florida.  A nice sailing trip.

16.08 NM
Steak dinner with a couple glasses of Chardonnay as a storm crosses the St. Johns River.



Chris Smead said...

Love that picture of the Florida boats / misty coastline. Great trip, thanks for sharing!

Steve said...

Thanks, Chris. How's the boat coming along? Steve

Chris Smead said...

Still have to tweak trailer and finish sails, but hull is done (I think). Hoping for a June launch! Making sails from a Sailrite kit.

Steve said...

Excellent! Send photos of the launch.