Thursday, November 5, 2020

day thirteen - a windless weather day

Overcast in the morning.  And absolutely windless.  I wake up early and take a walk across the bridge to Tilghman Island.  A visit to Dogwood Harbor, home of the working fleet including a couple of classic old skipjacks.

A breakfast sandwich from the Tilghman Island Country Store.

A chance to dry out gear, clean the boat, charge the batteries.

Afternoon the skies clear.  Still no wind.  From the second floor of the hotel I can look out over a glassy calm Bay.  A pleasant afternoon to enjoy in a favorite little town.  Southerly winds forecast for tomorrow.

Carolina pulled pork sandwich, side salad and a glass of chardonnay for dinner.

0.0 NM for the day.



Enrico said...

wonderful.. even with no wind!

Steve said...

Thank you, Enrico. Now with more time on my hands I find I can enjoy those weather days. I've been checking in on the Miravar blog. Great photographs. I plan to spend some serious time with google translate this weekend. steve

Enrico said...

Steve, my intention is -having the time- to duplicate that post creating an english version of it, so maybe it worths for you to wait some days in case I succeed!

Steve said...

Excellent, Enrico. When you have it posted I'll steal a few photos - if that is ok - and post a link to Mirivar.