Tuesday, July 4, 2023

day thirteen - St. Michaels

Swirling winds and a quick jibe leaving the little creek at 7:05.  Light overcast and a northeast wind, 2.2 down Leeds Creek.  

Out on the Miles and the wind falls off, motorsailing across the river.  Then more wind and a sail into St. Michaels.  Round up and tie up at the town docks.  After a quick breakfast at the Blue Crab I walk over and track down the dock master at the museum docks.  The marina looks to be full but he tells me he always saves an extra slip.  Soon I am tied up there on Fogg Cove.

Walking along the waterfront I look down in the cord grass and see a snake.  Just a harmless water snake.  And then another one.  Then a third snake.  Eventually I see a total of five snakes.  Interesting, and I think the sign of a healthy waterfront.

A storm is tracking up the coast so I've picked the perfect time to be in St. Michaels.  I take my jib and put it in an unused auditorium at the museum to let it dry overnight.  Kristen has the new sail repair dropped off, I'll be ready to fix the sail tomorrow.

Evening I walk over to the Blue Miles for dinner.  I ask about the market price for soft shells and crab cakes, $42 and $45 respectively.  Those are tourist prices, too much for me.  I settle for excellent, and reasonably priced, fried oysters.


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