Monday, March 20, 2023

day five - once more with feeling

Calm night, cold cold morning.  Somewhere around 40 degrees, I put on thermals and the dry suit.  Cast off from the marina at 6:55.  Full sail at 7:05.  The north wind and ebb tide both in our favor.

We make around the marsh and shoals, wing and wing at one point.  I can hear bits of bugles playing mixed in with the wind.  Making 5.2 and then 5.8 in a gust. 

At 8:15 red marker "40" shows the strong ebb tide rushing around the piling.  

8:25 tuck in a reef and gps shows 6.4.  I can already look over Parris Island Spit and see the north end of Hilton Head.

A sudden gust and the starboard coaming goes in the water.  Round up to pump water out.  8:55 sailing mizzen and jib making 4.7.  9:10 round Parris Island Spit and jibe.  9:20 raise the double reefed main.  9:35 I can see the distant green marker for the Skull Creek entrance channel.  9:40 shake out a reef, then soon the second reef.  As I'm cleating off the peak halyard I glance up to see the red marker for Skull Creek.

10:25 enter Skull Creek and jib.  Gentle sailing on the main channel that rounds a sand spit.  Dolphins swim along side. 

Tied up Hilton Head at 11:20.  Webb is down at the dock to greet me.  It has been two years since we were last together.  I straighten out the boat and then we head up to Webb's condo.

In the afternoon I head back to SPARTINA to repack some gear and set up the boom tent.

Late afternoon Webb and I bike down to Skull Creek Dockside about a mile away, get some excellent dinner to go.   My Seafood Tagliatelle Pasta comes loaded with shrimp, scallops, calamari and lobster.

Evening in the condo Webb and I have some Laphroaig.  I can look out the window and see SPARTINA's two masts.  It is good to be in Hilton Head.

15.5 NM


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