"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

day six - a lobster roll to go

Dawn comes calm and crystal clear.  Not a breath of wind.  Under power 5:50. 

Headed north and off Otter Point at 6:40, tiny ruffles on the water's surface are just a tease.  

7:30 waves breaking over Old Whale Ledge, Schooner Head to the NNW at 8:00.  Passing inside of  what is marked on the charts at Trumcap, can't decide if it is a huge rock or a tiny island.  Waves break along the shore.

Bar Harbor breakwater in sight.  A hint of wind.  I raise sail but just for a few minutes as we pass the breakwater and enter the harbor.  

I had been warned that Bar Harbor is a busy place.  Maybe the town is, the waterfront is not.  A man in a uniform is standing on shore looking down at the floating docks.  "Are you the harbormaster? I ask.  He is.  And he shows me where I can tie up on the municipal pier. Very friendly and welcoming, he tells me where I can pick up a few supplies I need.

I run to the hardware store, then take my fuel can next door to get it topped off.  It takes four people to get less than a half gallon of gas: the guy behind the counter, the dock manager, the guy that runs the pump and the woman that fills out the fuel slip.  I apologize for having put them all to trouble for a sale that comes to less than a few dollars.  All of the smile and say no problem, no problem at all.

I take a walk through the town, and as I had been warned, it is very busy.  Tourists fill the sidewalks and restaurants.   I grab an iced tea and drink it in the shade.  Walking back to the docks I notice a sandwich shop that advertises "Lobster Rolls To-Go."  I pick one up and head to SPARTINA.

Cast off 11:00, motoring through the mooring field filled with sailboats and lobster boats.  Full sail in a nice breeze 11:15.  There are a couple ways out of the harbor, I head north between Sheep Porcupine Island and Bar Island.  Making 2.8 with blue skies on Frenchman Bay, I open up my box lunch and enjoy the lobster roll, chips and cookies.  Life is good.

Gentle wind at 12:30, 2.2.  More wind at 1:10, 3.7.  The water is calm and I seem to have Frenchman Bay to myself.  Round Sand Point and onn Eastern Bay at 1:30, tack in to some sailboats anchored along shore and see the crew of GAIA relaxing on their boat.  A friendly wave, we had anchored near each other at Valley Cove.  

2:00 light wind off of Leland Point, looks like it could be a nice anchorage for later in the day.  Sail about Hadley Point to within sight of Mount Desert Narrows.  The charts show an anchorage there but it is flat and shallow and looks uninteresting.  Turn back east.  3:15 making 3.2.  4:00 no wind.  Turn back to the the little bay next to Leland Point.  Protected by cliffs and tall trees, anchor down 4:50.

22.7 NM


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