Monday, November 8, 2021

day two - the island farm

Sail off anchor at 7:10 just as the sun comes over the horizon.  A peaceful night in the little cove with winds swirling through the trees that turned SPARTINA in gentle circles.  I'm surprisingly hungry.  Breakfast of an Rx Bar, a cup of fruit and a Tanka Buffalo/Cranberry bar.  It's a quiet drift out to the main creek.  

At 7:30 making 3.1 kts with a west wind.  Reach Cox Creek at 7:45, leave Cox Creek at 8:10 sailing out on to Eastern Bay on a beautiful day.  Jibe north at 8:45, sailing past the remnants of Bodkin Island at 4.4.  

Less wind at 9:10 and doing 2.6 around Parsons Island.  Much of the island is a farm with barns and a house.  I have sailed by it for years often wondering about the history.  No doubt with a quick search I could know all about the island farm, I am content to set my curiosity aside and just enjoy the scenery.

On the Miles River at 11:30, light winds, light overcast and motor sailing.  12:05 cutting across the shoal at the entrance of the Wye River, a light rain and at the same time bright sunshine.  

Round up on Shaw Bay to bring down the main and the jib, no wind at all.

We follow the winding river in search of Dividing Creek.  There are some other creeks that look similar to Dividing Creek but don't offer as much protection.  I use my phone to navigate to the entrance.

Anchor down1:20 on Dividing Creek.  Nick and Megan, who are sailing a large catamaran, use stand up paddle boards to come by and say hello.  They are nice people.  I tell them of the upcoming small craft festival in nearby St. Michaels.  They tell me I will probably see them there.

Macaroni with beef for dinner.

16 NM


Tom said...

Steve, I'm always inspired by your willingness to let the light wind days take you where they will. In this case, to beautiful Dividing Creek. Every time I've ever gotten into trouble on a sailboat, it's been because of trying to "make time" to some fixed destination. Nowadays, with your pernicious influence, I try to remind myself "Relax, take it all in, let the wind take you." Thank you!

Chris Smead said...

Awesome! I looked up Parson's Island and found and found this blog - apparently it became an island relatively recently?

"Land records going back over 350 years indicate Parson’s “Island” was once Parson’s “Point”. Erosion brought on by centuries of tide and weather split the property from mainland Kent Island by 1865. McCormick & Company bought the island in 1944 for use as an experimental spice farm. For many years Parson’s Island was utilized as a company retreat for hunting and fishing and making plans to rule spice world." -from: