Saturday, October 24, 2020

day four - a weather day

A weather day.  In the past I have not liked weather days.  But now, with no job to get back to, I look forward to relaxing at Knapp's Narrows and Tilghman Island.  A nice little island, what is not to enjoy?

A continental breakfast at the hotel, excellent and served in a safe way.

A good time to clean, sort and repack gear, charge batteries.

Check on SPARTINA at her dock near the hotel office.

And walk down the road to Dogwood Harbor to visit the working fleet.

And then a friend, once a colleague and now an Eastern Shore organic farmer, drops by to meet me for lunch at Marker Five.  A good time to catch up on our lives.  I have a tempura fried oyster sandwich with pickled vegetables, she had a salad with a crab cake on top.  Excellent.

After a big lunch I'm not that hungry for dinner.  So at Marker Five I order a light appetizer just as the nice lady from Tilghman Island Country Store comes by doing a table by table wine tasting.  How nice.

The rain will be gone by tomorrow, the wind will still be here.  I decide I will cast off in the morning, maybe with a double reefed main, and try to sail north, into the wind.  If that doesn't work I'll turn south for Tangier Sound.

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