Monday, March 11, 2024

days six and seven - waiting out the weather

day six

The timing for Hilton Head is good.  A windy, rainy day.  At Webb's condo I catch up on my logbook and do laundry.  When the rain stops I run down to SPARTINA to check on her, very pleased to find just a cup or so of water leaked under the tent.  

So the plan is to leave the following day.  With strong winds forecast for the morning I tell Webb I will leave about noon.  

day seven

I run down to SPARTINA, pull off the tent and sail covers and get everything loaded.  And the wind continues to blow.  I wait and I watch.  It is not too bad on Skull Creek, but just to the south the water bends to the southwest and I will be heading directly into the wind and chop.  And the tide will be against me.  Frustrating.  

Back up at the condo I stand on the deck and watch the trees and Spanish moss swaying in the wind.  After a while I tell Webb if I leave in the afternoon it will be a spray-filled sail against the tide, a rough sail and I won't get very far.  I ask him if he would mind if I stay one more night, leave early the next morning.  He says he doesn't mind at all.  Webb tells me he tends not to offer advice, but waiting one more night is exactly what he would be doing.  I head back down to SPARTINA and put the boom tent in place.

So instead of sailing on rough waters it is a pleasant walk with Webb to Hudson's Sea Food House on the Docks for a late afternoon dinner.  An excellent meal with local shrimp.

Back at the condo we sit on the deck and have drinks.  The afternoon light is pleasant and I ask Webb if I could take a few photos of him.  He kindly agrees.

I tell Webb I'll cast off tomorrow at first light.

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