Tuesday, March 19, 2024

day ten - going nowhere fast

Wake to a windless day.  Forecast gives little hope for a breeze.  Lincoln Creek is a fine anchorage, decide I'll stay put for the day.

An easy, relaxing cool morning.  I catch up on email and the news.  Approaching 9:00 there is an unexpected hint of wind, and just then a text from friends on PHLYER, a boat I had met on last year's trip, telling me they may be passing by soon.  Gear stowed, sails raised at 9:05.  

I reach the Bear River just as PHLYER and a companion boat pass by.  Distant waves and shared texts, they head on south.  And the promise of wind is a promise unkept.  SPARTINA drifts with the tide.

Back to Lincoln Creek.  Sails down, boom tent up.  And I drift off to sleep for a late morning nap.

 3.0 NM

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