Monday, August 21, 2023

day nine - rain, fog and wind

With forecasts of high winds and rain I sleep in, then enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to go with breakfast.  Hourly weather shows I should have the morning with comfortable winds, maybe time for a "day sail" before hunkering down.  Sails up at 8:00, I am barely out of the mooring field when a couple of strong gusts roll through.  Maybe I should find a good place to anchor.

I sail north towards the anchorage marked on Navionics as Mill Dam.  I circle back and forth for a while, looking for a good, secure place to anchor.  There are a lot of boats at the moorings. It takes a while to find a place where I can swing at anchor and not have to worry about hitting a moored boat.  

Anchor down 9:45.

I slip on my drysuit, expecting moisture will be everywhere.  Rain comes and goes.  Fog comes and goes.  The wind is not as strong as forecast.  I read, nap, drink cups of hot tea.  I find myself laying back with my duffel filled with clothes as a cushion, not quite awake a not quite asleep.  It is pleasant and restful.  A decent cell signal so I can keep up with the news.

Wind and thunder come with the evening.

2.46 NM


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