Thursday, August 31, 2023

day nineteen - a sail through the islands

Sail off anchor with a surprisingly solid west wind.  Brisk morning, not a cloud in the sky.  A couple of tacks to get out of the anchorage, cormorants with wings spread on one rock and seals basking in the sun on another.  

A prefect wind just to wind my way through the tiny islands between Deer Isle and Isle au Haut.  

Sail north pasta St. Helena Island to Green Island, then tack southwest past Potato and George Head Islands.

8:45 Harbor Island to port, 9:00 making 1.8.  9:45 less wind and doing just 1.4 alongside Nathan Island but who cares on a perfect day.  

Slip into shallow waters surrounded by Nathan, Pell, Burnt and Birch Islands, slipping out through a narrow cut east of Pell Island just before 10:00.  

11:00 Round Island to starboard, Wreck Island to port.  11:50 raise cb and rudder to slip over the shallows between Potato and Sprout Islands.  Maine sailing at its best.

Noon headed back towards Stonington, a hamburger for lunch sounds good.  I am reminded it is weekend as the harbor and dock are crowded with people out enjoying the water.  Have to wait about 15 minutes for some space to open up at the dock.  A quick burger then next door to the store to buy some bottles of iced tea.

Cast off and full sail at 2:05, strong west wind.  Downwind run to Buckle Harbor on the north side Swans Island.  Tuck in a single reef before passing between Enchanted and Saddleback Islands, 3.5 downwind.  3:20 Phoebe Island to starboard and after spending the morning sailing through island we are now on open water.  

4:15 Buckle Island in site and I watch sails disappear into trees a couple miles ahead.  Building wind and we turn with wind on the beam to enter the harbor.  Keep the mainsheet in hand with gusts while sailing through boats anchored in the harbor.

5:10 anchor down on the west side of the harbor.  Trees block the wind, the water is calm.  I set up the boom tent to get out of the sun, roll back the port side so I can enjoy the view.

Thinking about tomorrow's sail I check the weather.  Surprised to see a forecast with gusts to 40 and rain the day after next.  Maybe it is time to head back to the ramp.

21.57 NM


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