"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Saturday, December 18, 2021

day twenty-three - back down the Chester

Chilly night but sleep well in my thermals and 30 degree sleeping bag.  I count the church bells ringing on the hour, hoping it is just 5:00 a.m. but here a sixth bell and know it is time to get up.  Tuck away the sleeping gear, break down the boom tent and then walk to the gas station to top off the gas can.  Quick trip to Play It Again Sam for a breakfast sandwich.  Cast off 8:30 with a northwest breeze.  

Blue skies and making 2.2 with a light steady breeze.  First time under full sail in a few days.  Making 3.7 to 4.0 out of the wind shadow of Chestertown.  Gentle sailing on the calm Chester River, 8:45 wing and wing with Rolph's Wharf in sight.  It is cold sitting in the shadow of the main.  Rolph's Wharf 9:30, wind over starboard quarter, 3.9.  A pair of cormorants take flight, tapping the water with the tips of their wings.  Cries of eagles in the tree tops along shore on the starboard side.    Off Southeast Creek 9:50, sailing close hauled at 5.2.  Tacking downriver rounding Northwest Point at 10:25, 6.1.  Melton Point 10:35 with steady wind out of the northwest.  

Lighter wind at 11:25, pass Deep Point 11:40 with inconsistent wind and steady waves on the bow rolling up the Chester River.  Spaniard Point 12:30, 3.6.  Tack towards Langford Creek at 12:45.  Steady wind with a gust now and then, easy sailing.  Make Nichols Point at 1:00, doing 3.6 on Langford Creek.  Off Caraway Island and turn toward the eastern branch, making 3.9 but the water is so calm it doesn't feel like it.  Off Lovely Creek at 2:00, turn back down the creek.

Centerboard hits a sunken tree branch at 3:15, I should have noticed some branches sticking out of the water from a fallen tree nearby.  Strong afternoon gusts with lots of spray rounding Caraway Island at 3:30, centerboard touches bottom as I turn up the western branch of Langford Creek.

Anchor down 4:15 in a nice pool of calm water just north of Bungay Creek.  Trees block the wind and the sun is hot.  

Dry out the boat and enjoy the shade as the sun drops behind the trees just after 5:00.  

Chili Mac for dinner.

 26.21 NM

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