Thursday, October 29, 2020

day nine - the snake

A gusty night.  Sail off anchor at 7:15 with a small craft advisory in effect until 10:00, mizzen and jib with two reefs tucked into the bundled main.  Check with Curt, he's going to stay in the hook for a while.  I'm headed towards the marshes near Tobacco Island.  From there, I tell Curt, headed to Pocomoke Sound.

Sailing at 4.0 kts as a boat approaches.  It is Ooker Eskridge, mayor of Tangier.  He swings by to say hello, asks where I am head.  "Pocomoke Sound, I think."  A friendly wave and he heads off.  The wind is not as strong as the forecast warned.  A double reefed main up and then, clear of the island, full sail.

At 8:30 south of Watts Island making 4.3.  A bright sunny day that quickly warms.  Tobacco Island is sight at 8:45.  I duck into the marsh for a little while but not too long, I want to head north to the sound.  

It is calm enough that I sneak over the shallow bar coming out from Beach Island.  In the past I have seen waves breaking on the bar but it is peaceful today.  

At 11:30 I jibe out of the marked channel to let a tug with a barge pass by on the way to Pocomoke.  11:50 fall off towards Saxis.  12:50 off the Saxis marshes.  Looking at the forecast I see a favorable southern breeze tomorrow.  To be in position to use that wind to head north I turn back west and sail along the shore of Pocomocke Sound.  I put out a line to troll for stripers but too many crab pots so I bring it back in.

Anchor down 2:45 Ape Hole Creek.  Not too far from the entrance of Broad Creek that will take me north in the morning.  I take a pleasant afternoon nap.  Not too long after waking I see Curt's dark sails headed across the creek.  We raft up and compare our days.  Then dinner on board Curt's ANNIE.

Curt gets ready to cast off for the evening, checking the throttle and choke on his outboard when he jumps back and says "There's a snake!"  And there was.  Probably a northern water snake.

Curt graps a pole to nudge the reluctant snake into the water.  The snake swims towards SPARTINA, then turns back to ANNIE.  Curt splashes the water with the pole and chases it away again.

30.29 NM for the day


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