Wednesday, December 13, 2023

day twenty-six - changing weather

The day begins with breakfast at The Creamery with longtime friend and co-worker Vicki.  It is good to see her.  We catch up over breakfast bowls, then she gives me a ride back down to the docks where we say goodbye.

Cast off from the wharf 10:30, southwest wind, warm, humid and an outgoing tide.  Interesting clouds telll of the changing weather.  Making 3.4 as gusts come and go.  The river curves and wind on the beam.  11:55 off Town Point, round up to tuck in both reefs on the main.  

Put on foul weather bibs, it looks choppy out on the Chester River.  12:30 off Russia House, shake out the second reef, put out the trolling line.  Can see birds feeding near Nichols Point.   

Tack back and forth across the Chester, wind building.  Conditions not good for trolling, sailing too fast.  1:20 bring down the main, sailing under mizzen and jib turn towards Langford Creek.  The drag goes off entering the creek, reel in a small striper and throw it back.  Overcast moving in.  

2:20 round Island Point, turn north to sail up the western fork of of Langford Creek.  Gusty but easy sailing in the lee of the trees along shore.  3:10 anchor down in a little unnamed creek just above Whale Point.

Gale force winds and rain forecast for the evening.  Rain begins to fall 5:15.

11.37 NM


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