Saturday, March 9, 2024

day five - Superbowl Sunday

Peaceful, calm night on Mackey Creek.  I could hear and feel a hard tide running in the early morning hours.  Sail off anchor 7:15 in a light southerly wind.

The breeze and an ebb tide carry us gently down the creek.  

8:10 leave the creek and enter the Chechesee River.  8:45 making 4.3 towards Skull Creek entrance and wind on the beam.

Reach the entrance markers at 8:50, south wind and full ebb tide and there is no way I'm going to sail against that.  Round up and bring down the main and jib.  Give a quick call to Skull Creek marina and let them know I'll be there soon.  Under power against the tide.

9:30 docked Skull Creek Marina.  I'm jotting down notes in my log when I hear a voice say "Hello, sailor!"  It is Webb coming down from his condo.  We shake hands and talk a bit.  I tell him I've got about an hour's worth of work to button up SPARTINA and I'll meet him back up at the condo.

I get the trash off the boat, tuck away gear and put on the sail covers and boom tent.  Rain forecast for tomorrow.  As I head up to the condo I pass Webb's circumnavigator GANNET just down the dock from SPARTINA.

It's Superbowl Sunday.  I settle into the guest room at Webb's place, get a quick shower and then we hop on bikes for a ride to the grocery store. 

Evening we sit on the deck and enjoy drinks, a martini for Webb and wine for me.  It's an enjoyable conversation where we catch up on the past year.

Not too long before kickoff, Webb heads inside to fix a frozen pizza.  It's ready just as the game begins.  Pizza for the first half, a dessert of ice cream and brownies for the second half.  An excellent meal for an excellent game. 

5.28 NM


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Shawn Stanley said...

Wow...a meeting of the minds! :-)