Thursday, June 11, 2020

day one - back to the islands

Cast off 10:25 Somers Cove Marina.  Mizzen and jib with an outboard assist to get past the swirling winds at the tall condo building on the edge of the narrow cut that leads to the Little Annemessex River.  Blue skies with a nice steady breeze, a perfect way to start the trip.

Outside the cut round up to raise the main, 4.0 kts with a waterman using a crab scrape on the beds of eel grass near the marsh.  Off Old House Cove at 10:50, 5 kts.  Looking due west the tree tops of Smith Island hover on the horizon.  The white sandy beaches of Island Point 11:15, sailing well beyond the point to round the shallows that go out for a couple of hundred yards.  Tack in lighter winds, 2.3 kts on Tangier Sound.

A little more wind, gps shows 3.3 as we head north on the sound.  Then no wind and the Garmin reports 0.0.  Wind comes out of the west at 1:00, steady progress as the wind seems to come and go.  Making 3.2 over small chop mid-afternoon.  Kedges Straits, the water between Smith Island and South Marsh Island, and Solomon's Lump Lighthouse due west of us.

Wind builds in the afternoon and I can just make out a broken line on the horizon that is South Marsh Island.  Sailing up in the lee of the island at 3:30, 5.0 kts with wind on the beam.  

I raise the centerboard and slip into the shallows of Little Pungers Creek just before 4:00, tacking back and forth on the creek until I find the right spot.  Anchor down just after 4:00.

16.45 NM
An excellent Italian Pepper Steak freeze-dried meal for dinner.

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