Friday, December 1, 2023

day seventeen - the winding river

Dawn comes with a chill,  53 degree morning.  Coldest morning so far.  I debate my outfit for the day.  Drysuit with socks and booties?  Foul weather bibs with cold damp booties?  Or foul weather bibs and nothing between my bare feet and the cold deck.  I choose bibs and the cold deck.  Raise the main just as the sun reaches over the trees.  Sail off anchor 7:40.

Cold, clear and windless.  Sail/drift to the creek entrance, then start the outboard to clear the way for a large cabin cruiser coming out behind me.  

8:05 feel a warm breeze out of the NW, 2.3.  Tacking into the wind.  9:15 Worton Point.  9:45 making 2.4 with wind on the beam.  10:45 off Still Pond.  

The wind disappears but the water is choppy, wonder if it is the tide coming out of the pond causing the rough water.  Under power.

11:30 sailing under a beautiful blue sky.

Wind comes and goes, sailing, motor sailing.  A tanker of some sort heads south on the shipping channel.  I sail north just to the east of the channel, plenty of room.

12:30 Howell Point, turn east on the Sassafras River.  Light winds that come and go.  2:00 Ordinary Point, sail through the narrow entrance to the winding river.

Just inside the point the wind fills in, perfect for following the curves of the river.  Wonderful sailing.

Decide to save money on a marina.  Anchor downWoodland Creek 3:50, the marinas just up river around the corner.  Geese fly overhead, the seasons are changing.

 19.98 NM

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