Wednesday, March 13, 2024

day eight - crossing the line

Walk down in darkness to the docks at Skull Creek.  Sunrise at 6:45.  Cold, 43 degrees, wearing multiple layers.  Webb comes down to help cast off.  We laugh about too much wind yesterday, too little today.  

Webb tosses the bow line into SPARTINA, grabs a few photos while I raise sail.  Clear skies, making 3.5 with a north wind and a helping tide.

Buffleheads and dolphins along the way.  Less wind and making 2.5 knots towards the bridge.  Easy sailing and the sun feels good.  8:30 on Calibogue Sound.  9:30 wing and wing against the flood tide, making just over a knot.  Motorsailing as we slip behind a shoal that runs along a beach that leads towards Haig Point on the northeast point of Daufuskie Island.  10:10 can see a red marker ahead.  Round the marshy point to starboard and on the Cooper River with Daufuskie Island to port.  The flood tide that was against us is now a helping tide, making 4.1. 10:40 making 4.6 and can look over the marsh to the WSW and see the bridge in Savannah.  

11:15 cross a tide line at Green 27, jibe.  11:35 passing the New River, an anchorage in past years.  There's a wind shadow from the trees along shore on Daufuskie Island, drift out of the shadow and make 4.9 against the tide.  

12:55 jibe at Green 47 to the Savannah River.  Motor sailing across the shipping channel with an opposing tide.  No ships in sight.  1:40 across the river and cross a tide line on St. Augustine Creek.  2:00 making 2.5 against the tide. 

3:00 turn to port on to the Wilmington River.  A large power boat coming up the river slows down to reduce their wake.  I tip my hat in thanks, they toot their horn and wave.  

3:30 a crab post float shows the tide is now with us.  4:00 tacking through Thunderbolt.

Begin looking for an anchorage.  Isle of Hope too far.  See a closer spot inside the Herb River.  Anchor down between two larger sailboats 4:25.

26.21 NM

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