"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

day twenty-two - Swan Creek revisited

7:50 motoring out of Still Pond.  Cold, with clear blue skies.  NW wind.

8:05 full sail.  A waterman out on the Bay power washes his crab pots, it's the end of the crabbing season.

9:00 open water, 9:20 the wind fills in.  I realize I forgot to turn on the gps so lose the early part of the track.  9:55 Worton Point, wind comes and goes, 4.3, 3.0, 3.6.  

After rounding the point, partially raise the centerboard for the downhill run on the Bay.  10:15 light overcast filling in.  11:00 can see the top of the structures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  No traffic on the shipping channel.

11:30 a tug and barge heading up the channel come in to sight.  11:40 with Tolchester Beach to port making 4.3 with swells on the starboard quarter. 

12:35 Swan Point, jibe to the east and sail onto Swan Creek.

Great wind and calm water on the creek, I decide to spend the afternoon exploring.  We head southeast and tack along the marinas, then tack our way our way back to the northwest.

We head back towards the creek's opening, then wonderful tacks north to where the water bends northeast, then northwest and then back to the northeast again, old farms and farm houses along the way.  I get up to the last farmhouse, the buildings making me think it may have been a dairy farm at one time, then turn back down south with a gentle wind over the starboard quarter.  Anchor down 3:10.

19.87 NM


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