Thursday, June 15, 2023

day three - south to Onancock

Sail off anchor 6:45, excellent east wind and clear skies.  Cool morning, wearing a sweater and foul weather bibs.  I leave the double reef in the main until out of the Big Annemessex and on to Tangier Sound.  Easy 2.4 down the river while looking at the charts, final deciding to head to Onancock.  

There are two ways to get there.  Either sail down to Tangier Sound and cut across the shoals just north of Watts Island, or turn into the Little Annemessex, follow Broad Creek south through the marsh and sail south on Pocomoke Sound.  I choose to use the Broad Creek passage.

Shake out second reef at 7:10, making 4.0 with Janes Island to port and crabbers work just off the sandy beach.  I follow the beach south to Island Point, turn to port and enter the Little Annemessex River, rounding up to shake out the first reef.  On the Little Annemessex at 8:50.

Entering Broad Creek at 9:25 with good wind out of east south-east.  The tide is against us but with the steady breeze we make out way south through the marsh.  Tacking in the creek the current carries as back but with a second tack we quickly take back that lost ground at 2.6.    

Leaving the creek and entering Pocomoke Sound at 10:00.  Stronger winds and I round up to tuck in the first reef, making 5.1 with reduced sail.  

Watts Island to starboard and Island Beach Light to port.  12:30 shake out the reef.

Soon I can see the white beach at Parkers Island and after looking through binoculars I can pick out the channel entrance markers.  Enter the channel at 1:00, a half dozen dolphin feeding in the channel entrance.  I explore the creek near East Point until 3:00, deciding it is too shallow for a good anchorage.  

Follow Onancock Creek to the southeast, sailing into the swirling winds of the tree-lined creek.  We tack and sometimes jibe past the shallows port and starboard.  Anchor down 4:00 in sight of Onancock Wharf.  

 32.87 NM

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