Monday, October 19, 2020

day one - down the Choptank

Cast off from the Cambridge boat ramp 10:30, all sails up outside the breakwater.  Chilly.  ENE wind and a choppy river with a thin overcast skies.  4.3 kts.  Calmer water out in the middle of the river.

Making 5.0 with gusts buried in the steady breeze.  11:00 round the light at Hambrooks Shoal, loosen main and fall off.  5.3, wind moderates and then fills back in.  

Trying to cut the corner at Howell Point the center board clanks on an oyster reef, I look towards shore to see it is low tide.  I raise the board and sail with the wind coming over the starboard quarter.   A hint of the sun breaking through the overcast.  11:45 an odd rolling chop off the entrance to LaTrappe Creek.   Can of tuna fish and crackers for lunch.

Calmer water between Chlora Point to the north and Castle Haven to the south, 3.4 kts.  Wind comes and goes.  An osprey, with a huge fish clutched in its talons, flies by.  Flocks of seagulls dive on baitfish, a sure sign of schooling stripers, near the entrance to Island Creek.  Choppy water off the mouth of the Tred Avon River.  GPS shows speeds going from 1.3 to 3.8.  Wind swings to N, 1 kt in a lull, then 3.2.  Slow sailing with shifting wind and an opposing tide.  At 1:40 .6 kts, start the outboard.  Wind fills in, falls off again.   Under power for a while, then enough wind to push us along at 4.8.

Hot with inconsistent wind.  Late afternoon motor sailing into Steves Cove just off of Broad Creek.  Surrounded by farm land, anchor down at 5:00.  19.08 NM for the day.

Italian Pepper Steak for dinner, excellent.  And a cup of diced mango for dessert.


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Anonymous said...

Steve, Thanks for sharing your adventures. I found your blog again and I'm catching up. Very enjoyable.
Burney Waring