Sunday, March 17, 2024

day nine - a couple of Red Stripes

Wake to a clear, cool morning.  As I tuck away the sleeping gear I feel the tide changing.  SPARTINA swings with the fresh current.  Not a breath of wind.

7:15 under power.  Weather app says it is 50 degrees but feels colder.  7:40 at Red marker 40 the sun breaks through and I enjoy the warmth.  Turn into the Skidaway River to see a large power boat coming down the channel.  On the bow is a woman waving and I instantly know it is Kelli.  We had met very briefly in Island of Hope last year, and she later sent me a beautiful photograph of SPARTINA.  We had texted about meeting in IOH this year but she had texted me a few days earlier she had to leave to deliver a boat.  So instead here we are waving across the water.  How nice.

I make Isle of Hope at 8:25.  Motoring at idle speed we make our way down the Skidaway to the Moon River.  Still no wind.  Motoring out of the channel I drop anchor and take a nap, hoping for wind when I wake.  10:25 light winds and under sail, sliding sideways in the current.  Motorsailing.  The Vernon River at 11:20, try sailing again but can't make way against the flood tide.  Motorsailing.

1:00 through the cut behind Raccoon Key.  Wind fills in and finally sailing!  See a tug and a barge come through the cut behind me, radio the captain that I will hold my course on the red side as he goes by us.

Making 2.3, then better wind at 1:50 and do 3.9.  Blue skies and white puffy clouds, wonderful sailing as I listen to some music over a blue tooth speaker.

2:00 enter the deceptively named Florida Passage, Florida still being a long ways away.  2:15 working against the tide and making 3.1.

2:35 off Redbird Creek, confused water as tides collide.  The head of the tide must be at Redbird Creek as the tide is now with us and making over 6 knots.

I call Kilkenny Marina to see how late they are open so I can top off the fuel can.  He tells me 5:30.  The entrance to Kilkenny Creek is just across the channel.  Drop main and jib and motor to the marina.  Docked 5:05, top off fuel.  As I got to pay I notice a couple of Red Stripe beers in the cooler.  Back to SPARTINA and motor down the creek, turning to starboard at Lincoln Creek.  Anchor down at 5:30.  Dinner and a couple of Red Stripes to celebrate my birthday.

 31.17 NM

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