Tuesday, June 15, 2021

day eleven - finally

Break a clean shirt and pants for the day with the idea of reaching Oriental and being able to wash my clothes.  It's cold and could be windy out on the sound so I put on my drysuit and gloves too.  Sail off anchor with a double reef in the main at 6:20.  Light wind on Dump Creek, 1.8.  Clear skies to the north, clouds above.

On the Bay River 6:25, shake out the second reef at 6:40.  Just before 7:00 more wind out of the north and waves begin to build, drop the main, sailing mizzen and jib at 4.4.  Skirting Maw Point 7:15, by 7:35 making 4.6 with wind over the stbd quarter.  Rolling in waves north of the Neuse River at 7:50.  Jibe at Lighthouse Shoal at 8:10, sunlight breaks through and catches a small flock of white ibis in flight.  Then overcast again.  Off Pierce Creek 9:30, still overcast and 4.4.  Sun breaks through 8:45, off Oriental making 4.5.

Pass by the breakwater 10:55, tie up at the town dock but soon move over to the seawall as I expect more bigger boats will come in and want to use the main dock.  I am quickly proven right as the Dutch vessel Prinses Mia, with Martijn at the helm, arrives at the dock after a passage from Spain.

I walk across the street to The Bean for a glass of iced tea and say hello to Jimmy who is sitting on the porch.  We worked together at a newspaper in Texas in the early 1980s.  Small world.

Lunch of a an excellent crab cake sandwich at M&M's.  No pandemic restrictions in place and most people are eating inside.  I have to wonder why they aren't enjoying the nice comfortable breeze out on the porch where I am.

I debate, but not for too long, about spending the night on the boat or checking into the Oriental Marina and Inn.  Soon I'm checked in, charging batteries and doing laundry.

It's a relaxing afternoon, another glass of iced tea from The Bean and catching up on the log in the shade of the trees along the waterfront.

A quick check of SPARTINA before did finds her well-protected by Black Beard, a shrimp boat tied up nearby.

Dinner of tuna tataki and seaweed salad on the porch at the Toucan Grille.  Fair winds, easy sailing, a good dinner, it's about time.

16.34 NM for the day

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