Monday, October 21, 2019

day one - the monkfish bites

Cast off Cambridge boat ramp just after 10 a.m. with a great south wind.  Put up the jib as we rounded up outside the breakwater, tucked in a reef, raised main and jib.  As I go to write in my notebook I check the watch that hangs from a clip inside the transom.  It is old and corroded and not working, a piece of gear I had forgotten to check before sailing.

Turn downriver and head for the old Hambrooks Bar light, 4.3 kts with sun breaking through a light overcast, with a puff making 5.2.  The huge motor yacht SAND DOLLAR slows down to reduce their wake, how nice.  Howell Point at 11:00, 4.8.  

Can of tuna, diced peaches, crackers and cheese for lunch.  Less wind, 3.6.  Shake out the reef off of LaTrappe Creek.  More wind and blue sky at Chlora Pt.  At noon I see several sails on the Tred Avon off Oxford.  Wind drops, fills in again, 4.8 as I pass a man working a trot line in an open skiff.  The powerboat SUZIPOTS comes alongside to take some photographs.  The man smiles and waves, says something I can't understand.  I wave.  Making 5.5 off the Tred Avon, we turn SW to slip behind the deadrise NEVER ENOUGH.

Off Irish Creek at 1 p.m. and I can begin to pick out detail on Tilghman Island.  At 1:50 I spot the channel markers that lead to Knapp Narrows.  Sails down just after 2, in the channel I radio a request for a bridge lift and get it almost immediately.  Tied up Knapp Narrows Marina 2:30, I at Marker Five's patio bar and enjoy a glass of iced tea while filling out my log.

Back at Marker Five in the evening I enjoy two appetizers as my dinner, seared duck breast with figs, greens and a tangy sauce, and Monkfish Bites.  I check the weather forecast.  Strong north wind tomorrow.

16.58 NM

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