"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Saturday, April 8, 2023

day sixteen - the final sound

A pleasant night on the Amelia River, the sounds of rushing tide and industry humming on shore.  Sail off anchor 6:50.  7:45 tacking against the tide to round the marsh as the river curves west.  Reach Fernandina Beach Day Beacon and turn south with wind on the beam, 3.0.  Beautiful, cool morning.

Near Piney Island at 8:45 and a handful of tacks to round the bend in the river.  

A very hard current running as we pass under the rail trestle and bridge, use the outboard to nudge us through at 9:05.  Wind picks up, tuck in a reef at 9:40.  9:55 green "25" shows the tide now is with us.  Making 5.0, doesn't feel like it.  

11:00 sail out on to Nassau Sound, the final sound out the trip.  I find myself wondering how it wall went by so quickly.  Not home yet but getting close.

Heading for south for the Nassau Cutoff I see a shoal to port and fall off.  Checking the chart on my phone I see I had missed a marker to the east.  No worries, raise the cb and rudder a little and continue on my way.

Enter Sawpit Creek 11:25.  Tide now against us, motor sailing, getting a good draw from the sails.  Soon trees block the west wind.  Main and jib down, motoring down the creek.    Anchor down surrounded by oyster reefs in Sister's Creek 1:45.  One sailboat anchored to the west.   A large power boat comes in and anchors just to my east, too close I think.  Soon they raise anchor and move further up the creek.  I set up the boom tent to get out of the sun.  Take a nap and then read.

21.99 NM

Granola with blueberries and almonds and milk


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