Thursday, December 23, 2021

day twenty-eight - the last day

Anchor raised and sails up at 7:25, but no wind in the anchorage.   Under power to open water on the Chester.  Cool with a light cold rain falling.  I can hear my Appalachian Trail friend saying "Don't get wet, don't get cold."  I slip on my drysuit with a wool sweater underneath.  Pass a large sailboat anchored at Ship Point, some locals paying out a trotline from a small boat nearby.  An incoming tide until 11:00 that will help us up the Chester River.

Just after 8:00 full sail in a light breeze, 1.9, an eagle flying low over the marsh.  Deep Point at 8:45, 2.8.

Northwest Point at 9:55, no wind and bring down the main and the jib.  Just past Rolph's Wharf find the wind once again, sails up.  

Winds come and go on the Devil's Reach.  Steady wind arrives at Primrose Point as we turn to starboard towards Chestertown.  The river is filled with small boats, they are going this way and that, seeming to practice coming about.  I ask a couple of guys if this is a practice session.  "No, it's a regatta."  I look around and say "I'm sailing through the middle of a regatta???"  They laugh, say no, the winds had just shifted so they are resetting the course, nothing to worry about.  I wish them well.

Docked Chestertown 11:30.

12.46 NM for the day.

473 NM/544 Statute Miles for the cruise.

The longest trip, both by time and distance, for SPARTINA.

Retirement isn't so bad after all.


Paul Mullings said...

Seasons Greetings Steve and thanks for your ever interesting blog.
Oh and Happy New Year.

Steve said...

Thanks, Paul. Happy New Year to you too!