Thursday, March 16, 2023

day three - fifty tacks

Calm, peaceful night.  Wake to a light mist hanging over the marsh.  Expect that I'll have an opposing tide coming up the cut that leads to the Coosaw River so start up the outboard to get it warmed up.  It starts up on the first pull, then dies.  Several attempts to get it going fail so I pull off the cover and sort through the mechanics of the choke.  Make two small adjustments, still won't start.  Decide to take my chances sailing.

Sail off anchor at 8:00, nice breeze carries me down to the cut and I find the expected opposing current right away.  Think that I might have to turn back but decide to give the outboard one more try.  It starts up and runs perfectly.  Go figure.

On the Coosaw River full sail at 9 a.m., 3.4 kts.  Beautiful morning, cool and a steady southwest wind. Better wind at 10:00, make 3.8 against the tide in a gust.  

Pass Morgan Island and Coosaw Island, then with Lady's Island to port see the entrance channel markers for Brickyard Creek at 11:05.  

It is easy sailing even with the opposing tide, I lean back agains the coaming and enjoy some dried fruit.  

Looking back to the east I see two tugs coming up the channel behind me.  As I watch them I realize we would all get into the winding entrance channel at about the same time. 11:30 I tack to port near green marker "203" and let the tugs pass ahead of me.  Once they are past I turn back towards Brickyard Point.

In Brickyard Creek at 11:45 and I find both the current and the wind are on my nose.  My outboard decides it is not going to work so I tack to see if I can make headway against the tide and wind.  I make a little ground on the first tack, and a little more on the second.  I tack, tack, tack again.  Up to the edge of the channel on the west side, up to the pier that extend out to the channel on the east side.  Each tack about a minute or so.  The strong wind out of the south helps.  

At 1:00 reach Pleasant Point where the creek turns east and opens up.  In a little over an hour it was about 50 tacks to make our way up the creek.  Out on the wide part of the creek the gusts are building so round up and bring down the main, making 3.9 under mizzen and jib.  At Pidgeon Point the creek turns directly into the wind and I can't make headway in the chop.  

Things are getting a little hectic so I fall back to an anchorage marked on the charts.  I drop anchor there but find the anchorage provides no protection in the wind.  I decide to try the outboard one more time, it starts right up.  I shake my head thinking the outboard is now just out to mess with me.

We motor around the point and tie up at the free dock.  I am told the free dock can get you a nice fine should I stay there overnight.  So I cast off, pay for a slip at the marina for the night.

It is good to be in Beaufort.  I set up the boom tent and sleeping gear, then head to Luther's for dinner.

 24.40 NM

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Shawn Stanley said...

50 tacks in an hour...awesome. Go, Steve!!!!!!! I have several feelings about this as a fellow sailor.. "oh geez, I have to tack in like 100 feet", "oh wow! this is exhilarating!", "I am never gonna get there at this rate."...etc, etc..

I am waiting to hear the updates on the outboard. Silly motors....