Wednesday, August 23, 2023

day twelve - Eggemoggin Reach

Rain began about 8:00 last night, high winds arrived an hour later.  Gusts around 30.  Climbed out of the sleeping bag to look out the boom tent.  Still in line with the anchor lights on neighboring boats, anchor was holding well.

Wake at 5 a.m., windy, climb back in the sleeping bag.  Up at 6:30.  Clear skies and windy.  Decide to wait out the wind.  Friendly wave from the ketch leaving the anchorage.

Get a nice invite from BLUE STAR at 9:00.  I thank him for the offer but I'm busy catching up on the log and also hoping to be sailing soon.

10:00 sail off anchor with a double-reefed main.  10:10 slip out between Eagle and Black Islands, 4.2.  10:15 shake out second re f, 10:35 shake out first reef, full sail.  Wind against tide, choppy water south of Opechee Island.  Past Johns Island, open water.  

Steady tacks to the northwest, about 20 or 30 minutes between each tack, making 3.4 against the tide, 4.9 with the tide.  

Making better time than I expected.  Pass just north of Egg Rock.  Still trying to get a feel for distances between islands.

1:00 tuck in a reef near Harbor Island, soon shake it out.  Surprised to find myself entering Eggemoggin Reach so soon.  Also surprised by the strength of the opposing tide.  Wind and current on the bow.  

Making very little ground up the reach.  Hard sailing and have to give up some ground to the lobster pot markers.  Many of the pots have two floats, the main float and then a second, lighter float called a toggle.  With the running tide the line, maybe eight or ten feet long, that connects the two floats is stretched taut just a couple of fleet below the surface.  If I can't point up to make the main float then I have to fall off several feet to get down below the toggle.  I lose ground, sometimes make a quick, short tack.  Making 2.9 speed over ground but often just going tidewaters.   

With the wind shift we make more ground.  Slip in between Hog and Babson Islands.  Anchor down in a nice pool of water near Babson Island 3:30.

17.37 NM


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