"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Monday, November 2, 2020

day eleven - infectious laughter

Sail off anchor is a light breeze, a better south wind than expected.  2.6 across Fox Creek.  Tack 7:40 towards Hooper Strait, making just 1.4 and motor sailing.  Sun coming through a light overcast.  Chocolate sea salt Rx bar, buffalo bar and diced peaches for breakfast.

Reach Billys Point on Lower Hooper Island at 8:10, look out on the bay to sea a skipjack heading north.  More wind out of the north and tack at 8:30, sailing close-hauled hugging the shoreline.  2.9 along Lower Hooper Island.  Round Richland Point at 9:30 and Barren Island emerges in the distance.

Making 3.7 off of Hoopersville, a village of little white houses that seems to sit just a few feet above the water.  Cool and grey with darker skies over the west side of the Bay.  

A deadrise passes by, the two crew members looking over their shoulders give me a wave.  The big, burly captain wonders what they are looking at and turns his head.  He grins and waves, and burst into laughter. I don't know why, maybe just the sight of me bundled up in my foul weather gear on a overcast day threatening rain.  It is an infectious laughter and I can't help but laugh too.  2.9 to the north and I find myself smiling.

Light rain and the rain comes with more wind.  3.1 and by 10:30 4.1.  More wind and rain at 11:00, 5.3.  Passing Barren Island at 11:30 and with a slight turn to the north we have wind on beam, less rain and making 5.5 to 6.  There are cormorants all around, dark bodies with long necks and a hooked bill against the grey sky.  Noon, 4.3, calmer and rain gone for now.  

Less wind at 12:30, then no wind and under power.  Choppy.  A friendly wave from NO LIMITS, a deadrise headed their crab pots, as they slow down to reduce the wake for me.  

Round Oyster Cove 1:45, shut down the outboard and refuel.  Catch a breeze and crossing the mouth of the Little Choptank wing and wing at 1.8.  The south wind fills in, making 3.8 and then 4.9 headed for Hills Point at 3:00.

I duck into Trippe Bay but don't like the anchorages.  Round Cook Point in to the Choptank at 4:35.  Anchor down in a creek east of Cook Point Cove at 5:20.  I am tired.  I think the cool overcast day sapped my energy.  Creole chicken with brown rice and a cup of mixed tropical fruit for dinner.

34.73 NM for the day.


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