Thursday, December 9, 2021

day nineteen - a brief walk through history

Cast off from the marina 7:05, no wind.  Under power, only the mizzen raised.  Forecast is for not much wind but I want to move north.  7:15 out of the channel and motoring north on Poplar Island Narrows.  7:20 the sun slips up over the horizon.  Off the inn at Lowe's Wharf at 7:50, looking at their flags for a hint of wind but no luck.  Parsons Island in sight just after 8:00, 8:25 some ruffled water on Eastern Bay, nothing more than that.

Refuel at 8:55.  GPS shows we are at the halfway point between Knapps Narrows and Kent Narrows.  Off Tilghman Point at 9:20, it is starting to get warm.  Weave our way through power boats trolling for striper south of Parsons Island.  It seems no-one  is catching fish.  

Drop the anchor just south of Kent Narrows at 11:00 in Marshy Creek to refuel and be positioned for the 11:30 lift.  Under power at 11:10 with a call to the bridge tender.  Hear a boat on the north side of the bridge requesting the same lift.  I check with the tender on channel 13 to confirm that I have the right of way.  Yes, he tells me, the current is with me and that gives me the right to go through the bridge first.  Make the 11:30 lift.  Out of the channel and on the Chester River at 11:45 just as a nice southerly breeze arrives.  Full sail.

Wind is on the beam to carry me to a favorite anchorage at Queenstown Creek.  I text friend Genevieve to tell her I will be anchored near their farm in the afternoon.  She replies that she is not there but I'm welcome to tie up at the dock and stretch my legs.  She says her husband is nearby should I need help docking.  I tell her I will be fine on my own.  

Entering Queenstown Creek just after 1:00, an eagle flies out of the trees on the point to the west, a beautiful greeting.  Just a few minutes up the creek and I tie up at the dock of the old farm with stone granaries, a wharf for barges cut out of the shoreline and more history than I will even know.  

It is a pleasant, quiet walk and I am grateful to have made so many good friends on my journeys.

Strong westerly winds forecast for the night, anchor down Salthouse Cove at 3:00.  It should be a quiet night behind the trees on the bluff.

The forecast is for strong westerly winds until early afternoon, swinging quickly to strong northerly winds.    I figure I can sail north with the wind on the beam and maybe make the Sassafras River by the time the winds swings to the north.  I go ahead and tie in double reefs.

Evening I'm reading the local news on my phone when I read of a front coming through tomorrow with winds that "could damage buildings."  I turn on weather radio to hear of more wind than I had expected with small craft warnings.  I don't want to get caught out on the bay when that north wind arrives.   I'm not going anywhere tomorrow.  

Creamy mushroom pasta for dinner, excellent.

24.44 NM

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