"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

day four - working back north

Sail off anchor 7:30, low overcast, NE wind, double-reefed main and wearing the drysuit.  Forecast calls for a blustery day.  Lots of mud and grass on both the plow and mushroom anchors, evidence of a windy night.  

Round up outside of Pry Cove to reset the main, looks better now.  Making 4.3 across the shallows.  7:40 Johnson Point, sailing close to the marsh but crab pot floats tell me there is plenty of water.  Light rain falling.  Three deadrises working crab pots.  8:45 slip out on to Tangier Sound.

No longer protected by South Marsh Island, we can feel the wind and the waves.  Tack at 9:00 as a patch of blue sky shows above.  

Tack again at 9:30, maybe a little less wind and waves.  9:40 see a tug and tow north of Deal Island.  Watch them until they disappear in the haze to the east.  9:50 tack, Bishops Head in sight.  10:20 tack, making 4.8 and very pleased with our progress up the sound.  

11:00 in Hooper Strait.  Fall off to make room for two deadrises, both rigged for oysters, heading west to east on the strait.  11:20 Bishops Head due east, calmer water and wind.  11:50 on the Honga River, 5.6 in a puff.  12:45 tack at Windmill Point.  2:15 light, steady rain.  A handful of short tacks following the curve of the river.  Anchor down Parks Neck at 2:30.

I wake late in the evening and decide to turn on the AM radio, catch some of the O's game as they get their 100th wind of the year.  

31.21 NM


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