Monday, November 6, 2023

day one - a new ramp

The drive up the Eastern Shore is grey and dark under a heavy overcast.  I arrive at a ramp that is new to me.  Located up Cambridge Creek it is better protected that the ramp out on the Choptank River.  And less traffic too.  

A light rain falls as I rig SPARTINA and load supplies for the trip.  Backing down the ramp a waterman shouts for me to stop, there is water in the boat he says.  Then he realizes it is just water in the outboard well.  No problem.  Cast off from the dock at 11:00, radio the bridge tender for a lift and then tie up at the wharf.  

Walk back to the truck and trailer, drop it at the boatyard where I'll leave it for the next four weeks or so.  Walk back to the wharf.  Cast off at noon and motor down Cambridge Creek to the Choptank River.

Sails up just off the marina at 12:15, making 3.3 tacking into a north-northwest wind. 

 Out on the open river more wind, 4.5.  Feels good to be sailing.

1:00 cool and grey but the rain seems to be gone.  Slip on a sweater and foul weather bibs.  Making 3.0.  1:25 can pick out the entrance markers for LaTrappe Creek.

1:50 less wind, 2.0, then the wind fills in again.  2:00 see birds feeding over a school of fish.  Tack at Howell Point to avoid the shallows.  2:35 tack towards LaTrappe Creek, 2.8 and pleasant sailing.

Pass the green marker with two eagles perched at the top.  In LaTrappe Creek at 3:00.  A couple more tacks up the creek and slip into the anchorage 3:15.  The water is filled with tiny menhaden that snap at surface.  3:20 anchor down.  I look around and see I have the place to myself.

 11.21 NM

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