Monday, March 21, 2022

day eight - Jekyll Island

Up before the sun, lots of chores to do.   Jekyll Island at dawn, warm light from the east gently touching the Spanish moss.  One crew getting on a boat to go fishing, otherwise I seem to have the place by myself.

Take care of a lot of the business - emptying the trash, refilling the water bottles, a nice hot shower - before the marina guys arrive at the office.

Once the guys arrive I put in a request for a free (*) loaner electric golf cart (free meaning they hand the keys to me at no cost only because I handed them my credit card the day before to pay $135 for two nights for a 19' boat on the dock.).  But anyway I get the cart and drive south on Jekyll Island to visit the Wanderer Memory Trail, an art installation by artist, sailor and friend Curt Bowman.  I remembered him working on his sketches a few years ago when he was visiting our house.  His work makes for peaceful, contemplative walk through some painful history.

Back for some more clean-up and repacking on SPARTINA.  The marina is awake now so lots of conversations with people on the docks.  Then lunch on the veranda that looks out over the marina, a good time to catch up on the log. 

Looking at the list of sounds I had taped inside the front cover of the log, the same log I used on last year's abbreviated trip, I am surprised to see that there are only three sounds left to cross.  I am way ahead of schedule.  And of the three sounds remaining, I can see one - Jekyll Sound - from where I'm eating lunch.

An afternoon of reading in a lawn chair, a call home to say hello, and then retreating for an iced tea in the bar when the afternoon sun gets hot.  

Shrimp and oysters for dinner.


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